Welcome to the hand clinic

Modern infrastructures
in an exceptional environment

The hand clinic

Born from a desire to offer quality care with a high level of standards, the Hand Clinic is founded on values such as respect, excellence and determination to help patients, fundamental pillars of the activity of Dr D’Agostino. Its strategic location in the heart of Brussels and in Walloon Brabant allows accessibility to all.

The hand surgery, a wholly specialty

Like its function, the hand has an extremely complex and precise anatomy. All the pathologies which affect it must be managed with the greatest care, by a qualified specialist in this particular field. Dr D’Agostino is a hand surgeon, expert in the diagnosis and treatment of pathologies of the upper limb.

Quality and personalized care

Patients are always at the heart of Dr D’Agostino's concerns. Because the quality of care also depends on the speed of the supported, the possibility of appointments and surgical care within short deadlines is offered to you to correspond as closely as possible to your needs. Dr D’Agostino welcomes you in English, Italian and French.

An environment at the cutting edge of technology

To guarantee the best care in a quality environment, Dr D’Agostino works in private facilities. Consultations and surgeries take place in calm surroundings, in exceptional settings and in vast, ultra-modern light spaces. For your comfort, parking facilities are provided on each of these sites.

An experienced team at your service

A multilingual staff is at your disposal from Monday to Saturday to fix your appointments, answer all your questions and ensure rigorous monitoring of your care and your medical records. For the comfort of patients domiciled remotely or abroad, accommodation facilities exist. The collaborators of Dr D’Agostino are at your disposal to organize your stay on the occasion of your visit in consultation or surgery.

What do patients think of it?

Your hands represent your most precious capital. Do not wait any longer!