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Practical terms, what should you know?

You are expected for surgery in One Day Clinic. Dr D'Agostino personally takes care of planning your surgery with the Claris Clinic in La Hulpe. For your safety, as well as for the smooth running of the operating program, please respect the following points:

Preoperative instructions, what should you know?

The Claris Clinic will contact you to organize your pre-operative anesthesia consultation appointment.

You will not take no drugs other than those prescribed or authorized by the doctor or the anesthesiologist before surgery.

Avoid taking medications containing aspirin or derivatives 10 days before your surgery (anti-inflammatory, Aspirin, Dispril, Aspégic, Aspro, Sedergine, Asaflow, Clopidogrel, Sintrom etc.).

If you are taking oral anti-diabetics (Glucophage, Novonorm, Amarel, etc.), they must be stopped 24 hours before surgery.

If a change in your condition occur between your visit with the anesthesiologist and the day of your surgery (cough, temperature and other unusual event, etc.) or you need to take medication, we ask you notify Dr D'Agostino or the Claris Clinic at +32 (0)2 789.69.00.

The day of surgery, what should you know?

Please respect the entry time communicated to you.

It is mandatory to arrive fasting (no food or beverages, or tobacco after midnight the day before surgery, unless special instructions of the anesthesiologist).

Come without lipstick, makeup, nail polish and jewelry.

Replace your contact lenses that day with glasses.

Any removable dental appliance will be removed before going to the operating room.

The anesthesiologist will have given you specific instructions about what medications to take in the morning with a little water. Please respect them.

The anesthesiologist, in agreement with the surgeon, may authorize your discharge after the recovery period. Your post-operative monitoring may be extended if your recovery requires it.

Postoperative instructions, the first 24 hours after surgery

You cannot drive or operate complex equipment.

You will not make any commitment or take any action which could engage your responsibility or imply your discernment.

Any alcoholic drink is to be avoided.

Make arrangements for you to be drive home by a close adult who will stay at least 24 hours with you at home.

Postoperative follow-up, what should you know?

If in the hours following your return you have any question about your surgery, Dr D'Agostino is at your disposal.

In the immediate aftermath of your surgery, you will be seen in consultation by Dr D’Agostino for the control of your clinical progress.

Dr D’Agostino personally ensures your follow-up and all the care specific to your case (dressings, splints, casts, rehabilitation, etc.)

« A good surgeon must have an eagle's eye,
a lion's heart, a lady's hand. » English proverb

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« A good surgeon must have an eagle's eye,
a lion's heart, a lady's hand. » English proverb

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