How to remove a stuck ring?

Can't seem to get your ring off one of your fingers anymore? You can shoot it, spin it in all directions, stretch the skin, you can't.

Whether it is too small or your finger has swollen, do not panic. There are different tips to help you remove your jewelry.

How to remove a stuck ring?

Removing a ring : our tips

Your fingers can swell when it is too hot, at the end of a long day or following a trauma (sprain, fracture, wound, etc.) making it difficult to remove your rings. Likewise, a ring that is too tight or too small contributes to swelling of the finger.

To do

  • Stay calm
  • Raise your arm, hand up, for 5-10 minutes placing ice around the ring and finger to reduce swelling
  • Coat your finger and the inside of the ring with a lubricating substance (soap, cooking oil, butter, moisturizer, shampoo, petroleum jelly, etc.)
  • Try again to remove the ring by pulling it while rotating it. Do not hesitate to lubricate again if necessary.
  • If it fails, wrap your finger so that the tissue is compressed with a wire or ribbon to slide the ring over the finger
    How to remove a stuck ring?
    How to remove a stuck ring?
    How to remove a stuck ring?

    A. Slide the wire or ribbon underneath the ring with most of it towards your fingertips. If you can't, use a needle.

    B. Starting at the ring, wind the thread up and down around the finger, compressing the tissue. Do this by progressing towards the tip of your finger and passing over the joint. Be careful not to overtighten or you may injure yourself.

    C. With the free end of the wire under the ring, begin to unwind the wire, letting the ring pass over the joint.

  • If none of these methods work, go to a jeweler or an emergency department to have your ring cut.

Not to do

  • Insist on removing a ring. Your actions can cause swelling and further complicate the situation
  • Do not attempt to cut your ring yourself. You could be injured. In addition, only a clean cut can make repair possible by a professional.